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Universal Report Ranges

Posted on Oct 13, 2023 by Max Haynes

The hidden rows of a Universal Report reveal a vast amount of text and named ranges. It can be overwhelming, but if you take the time to understand the purpose…

How to Hide Admin Host in TM1Web

Posted on Oct 4, 2023 by Charissa Mckie

Steps to Configure PA Spreadsheet Services/ TM1 Web to hide Admin Host Open tm1web_config.xml. This is usually located at C:Program Filesibmcognostm1webwebappstm1webWEB-INFconfiguration. Next, update the value for AdminHostName so the value is…

How to Download Planning Analytics Local

Posted on Oct 3, 2023 by John

This is a step by step guide (including screenshots) how to download Planning Analytics (or TM1) Server. We have separate posts for downloading the add ons for Planning Analytics Workspace…

Universal Reports Prerequisites

Posted on Sep 28, 2023 by Max Haynes

A Universal Report is a new type of dynamic report that is hierarchy aware. It utilises TM1SET formulas and named ranges to achieve this. The Prerequisites vary depending on your…

How Users Add their IBM IDs for IBM Planning Analytics Cloud

Posted on Sep 25, 2023 by John

As part of establishing IBM Planning Analytics on Cloud, users need to be invited into Planning Analytics, then accept the invitation and, if they don’t already have an IBM ID,…

How to Add Users to IBM Planning Analytics on Cloud

Posted on Sep 22, 2023 by John

As part of the administration of IBM Planning Analytics on Cloud, the TM1 administrator needs to set up users. In this post we will run through how to add users…

Filter MDX Function in Planning Analytics

Posted on Sep 6, 2023 by Kleber

Definition The TM1 MDX function FILTER in IBM Planning Analytics is utilised to selectively retrieve data from multidimensional cubes based on specified criteria. In conjunction with other MDX functions like…

How to Calculate SUMIF in TM1

Posted on Aug 30, 2023 by Gautam Narula

IBM does not provide a native function to calculate SUMIF in TM1. How do I calculate SUMIF in TM1 and perform a sum of values based on a user input?…

How to use DefineCalc to Create a User Defined Calculation

Posted on Aug 21, 2023 by Max Haynes

One of the most useful features of TM1 is the ability for users to create custom rollups, by way of User Defined Consolidation (UDC). Unfortunately, this feature is only available…

How to Create a User Defined Consolidation in TM1 Architect & Perspectives

Posted on Aug 18, 2023 by John

Sometimes we want to create a rollup of elements from a dimension that does not exist in the dimension structure itself. We have a choice. We can either go back…

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