Cognos Analytics: Business Intelligence Powered by AI

You want to make better decisions, right? To have relevant information fed to you, rather than having to go and find it? You want to have AI deliver insights that will drive better business outcomes? Try Cognos Analytics

Welcome to Cognos Analytics. Whether you are just making data simple and accessible for everyone, or operationalising AI by infusing it into your day-to-day work, business intelligence solutions powered by IBM Analytics is the key to making data insights accessible to both analysts and everyday business users.

Cognitive Analytics infused with AI

The latest version of Cognos Analytics is powerfully enhanced with artificial intelligence and natural language dialogue will help you tell more compelling stories while being easier to use than ever. This includes pixel-perfect reporting, visualisations and dashboards, and leading analytics governance. With Cognos Analytics you can now:

  • Deliver insights to business users through textual highlights and predictive capabilities that reveal details about your data in natural, everyday language, that make it easy to understand and explain what is happening
  • Use guided exploration infused with augmented intelligence and machine learning to uncover hidden patterns and insights from your data
  • Create automated visualisations, interactive dashboards, story-telling and mixed pixel perfect reports that you can collaborate and share across organisations of any size.

Bring Your Data to Life

Preparing your data

  • Access corporate and uploaded files, such as spreadsheets and .CSV files
  • Quickly find the data sources you need using Natural Language
  • Verify and combine data sources with automated modelling

Exploring your data

  • Visual data exploration and ​​​​​​professional reporting in a unified environment
  • Smart visualisations — the system recommends the best chart type based on the data selected
  • Embedded geospatial-mapping capabilities in the dashboarding and reporting function

Sharing your data

  • Single interface, cloud-based or on-premises, over desktop, laptops or mobile devices
  • Schedule reports, burst to thousands of users, or enable users to subscribe to reports
  • Combine charts into a story with overlays, voiceovers and interactive elements to share

Governance and Security in Cognos Analytics

Cognos Analytics delivers a unified, tightly integrated, and tightly secure platform for business intelligence and analytics. All this in a platform that provides data governance and analytics governance capabilities to reduce risk and drive confidence in your results.

Cloud, On Premise or Hybrid

Available as either a Cloud deployment or On-Premise or a hybrid model with dual entitlement, Cognos Analytics is affordable for organisations of any size and almost any budget, including single users.

Ready for a Cognos Analytics trial?

Are you ready to give Cognos Analytics a go? Get in touch with us today and we can set you up with a 30 day trial. Not quite ready for a trial? No problem, we can help you out with either a demo or just some more information.

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