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TM1 Migration Simplified using Windows Tools

Posted on Jun 13, 2023 by Max Haynes

Keeping track of items that need migration from Development to Production isn’t always easy. TM1 doesn’t offer much help in this regard, and it’s usually up to the developer to…

TM1 Health: How to Maintain Your TM1 Server

Posted on Mar 1, 2021 by John

What do you need to check to keep your TM1 server healthy? Well, we sometimes get asked to review client’s TM1 servers to make sure they are running as well…

How to Save Data in TM1 – Manually and Automatically

Posted on Sep 16, 2020 by John

TM1 101 is how to Save Data. As you would probably know by now, TM1 uses an in memory database. In other words, everything that is in the model is…

Maximum Password Retries in TM1: How to Change it!

Posted on Aug 27, 2020 by John

Sometimes we will need to change the number of retries allowed for a user (or an admin) to login to TM1. There is a function in tm1s.cfg that allows you…

How to Reset TM1 Admin Password

Posted on Aug 26, 2020 by John

TM1 Administrator Password Reset Do you need to reset your TM1 Admin password? Have you lost your TM1 Administrator password? Well if you can’t remember your administrator password for TM1…

Resolving TM1 Maximum Login Attempts Exceeded

Posted on Jun 11, 2020 by John

TM1 has a built in security feature that locks out users after a set number of attempts. The user is presented with a message that says “The maximum number of…

Planning Analytics Version Management

Posted on Mar 9, 2020 by John

Planning Analytics server (TM1 server), Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) and Planning Analytics for Excel (PAX) are all regularly updated by IBM. It is really important to keep the version in…

Useful TM1 and Planning Analytics URLs

Posted on Apr 23, 2019 by John

Here is a collection of useful TM1 URL’s. In this we have assumed that the physical TM1 server is called “tm1server”, the Cognos Application server is called “cognosappserver”, the Cognos…

How to Define a TM1 User as an TM1 Administrator

Posted on Apr 17, 2019 by John

The only way for a TM1 user to be defined as an administrator is to have an ADMIN box checked inside TM1. There is no Active Directory or Cognos security…

Use Architect or Perspectives 10.2.x to Planning Analytics

Posted on Apr 8, 2019 by Andrew Walker

“TM1 Architect cannot connect to server.” You might get this error when you try to connect an old version of Architect or Perspectives to a Planning Analytics server. One of…

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