Cognos Controller

Cognos Controller - the accountant's choice for group accounting.

Cognos Controller – the accountant’s choice for group accounting.

IBM Cognos Controller is group accounting and consolidation software that helps your finance team manage the close, consolidation and reporting process.

With it you can automate your entire close process, from data collection to financial consolidation to output. Reduce close cycle times, assure data integrity and gain the transparency that is essential for sustained compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and IFRS.

Infocube is one of the leading IBM partners in Australia and New Zealand for implementing Cognos Controller.

Cognos Controller Standard Reports
Cognos Controller 10 Fact Sheet – Infocube

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  • Reduce consolidation, close and reporting cycles by days or weeks – with a single version of the facts and automated validation in a graphical environment that is owned and controlled by the finance team directly.
  • Consolidate multiple ledgers from thousands of operating units and accounts into a common chart-of-accounts structure.
  • Manage complex, dynamic ownership structures with automatic calculations for minority interests and eliminations.
  • Translate any currency using multiple FX translation methods.
  • Post consolidation adjustment journals as required.
  • Set automatic reconciliations.
  • Create reports rapidly to facilitate compliance with IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) and Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404.
  • Evaluate financial results with confidence and accuracy across multiple countries, currencies and legal entities, each with their own accounting policies intact.
  • Support better planning and forecasting with reliable consolidated management data, based on a clear link between statutory and management consolidation, automated feeding of Consolidation data to TM1 and the use of Cognos BI with Cognos Controller.

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