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How to Hide Admin Host in TM1Web

Posted on Oct 4, 2023 by Charissa Mckie

Steps to Configure PA Spreadsheet Services/ TM1 Web to hide Admin Host Open tm1web_config.xml. This is usually located at C:Program Filesibmcognostm1webwebappstm1webWEB-INFconfiguration. Next, update the value for AdminHostName so the value is…

How to Download Planning Analytics Local

Posted on Oct 3, 2023 by John

This is a step by step guide (including screenshots) how to download Planning Analytics (or TM1) Server. We have separate posts for downloading the add ons for Planning Analytics Workspace…

How to Install Mirantis Container Runtime (Docker) on Windows Server 2019

Posted on Jun 7, 2023 by John

If you need to install Mirantis Container Runtime (formerly known as Docker) to Windows Server 2019, there are few steps to follow. This post takes you through the steps to…

How to Install Planning Analytics Workspace on Windows 2019

Posted on Jul 6, 2022 by John

Updated for PAW v 2.0.87. This post details how to install Planning Analytics Workspace on Windows Server 2019. The process changed from the Windows Server 2016 installation and now your…

Log4j Fix for Planning Analytics & Cognos Analytics: All You Need to Know!

Posted on Dec 16, 2021 by John

As you probably are aware the Log4j vulnerability was exposed last week. IBM have just released a new version of Planning Analytics Workspace and a set of fixes for Cognos…

TM1 BI Interop Files: How to Deploy to Cognos Analytics

Posted on Oct 29, 2021 by John

The Cognos Analytics BI Interop files establish connectivity between your Planning Analytics (TM1) and Cognos Analytics servers. They need to be deployed to the Cognos server. Here are the steps…

How to Delete Users from Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW)

Posted on Oct 21, 2021 by John

If you are using Planning Analytics Workspace local, deleting users from PAW is a pain in the bum. It certainly is not obvious what to do. Terhe are a few…

How to Install or Upgrade Planning Analytics for Excel Add-in up until 2.0.64

Posted on Aug 3, 2021 by John

Updated for PAX v 2.0.63. Here we are going to detail how to upgrade or install the TM1 Planning Analytics for Excel (PAX – also sometimes known as PAfE) add-ins…

How to Download Planning Analytics Local, Workspace, Excel and Spreadsheet Services

Posted on Aug 3, 2021 by John

This is a step by step guide (including screenshots) how to download the components of Planning Analytics from IBM’s website. Planning Analytics is broken into a set of components. The…

How to Limit PAX for Specific Remote Desktop Users

Posted on Apr 23, 2021 by John

We have a client who operate remote desktop centrally for all their users – so most people don’t have, say, Microsoft Office installed directly on their local desktop. The exception…

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