Certent Disclosure Management

Certent Disclosure Management (CDM) suite is a secure, collaborative, enterprise-scalable reporting and process automation solution allowing users to merge enterprise data with focused narrative analysis in a controlled and auditable environment.

CDM automates the collection of all data in a single, dynamic reporting and analysis solution. This allows multiple participants in different departments to collaborate in the assembly of complex reports, while working independently and ensuring that proper controls and approvals are in place.

Certent Disclosure Management allows you to:

  • Reduce risk
  • Improve productivity
  • Produce all complex documents in the most appropriate output technology in a single environment, be they ASIC, ASX, Board or Management Reports.
  • Comply with Regulatory Authority’s mandates (eg XBRL)
  • Offer a platform for Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) conversion (and is also used for regulatory reporting and CSR reporting
  • Integrate with Cognos TM1, Cognos BI, Cognos Go Office & Cognos CAFÉ

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Cognos Disclosure Management provides:

  • Enterprise disclosure management – combine financial data from a variety of sources with in-depth narrative analysis for internal and external reporting
  • Financial management process automation – replace time-consuming manual processes with intelligent process design and automation
  • Security, control and governance – manage documents in a collaborative and secure environment with visibility into the report generation process
  • Multi-jurisdictional XBRL support – enable multinational organisations to use a single reporting and tagging solution
  • Cloud-based deployment – provide all the functionality of an on-premise solution plus the capability for direct integration with on premise data sets
  • PowerPoint integration- create PowerPoint objects to output slide decks and presentations using existing data in the report
  • A variable validation engine – ensures that reference variables are implemented and referenced correctly.
  • User security – for controlled access to sensitive information

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