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@= in TM1: How to Use it in Rules and Processes

Posted on Jun 26, 2020 by John

What? @= in TM1? What does that mean? Well, simply put if you have an expression that says sVariable = ‘Test’; then you are storing the value ‘Test’ into the…

TM1 Clear Attribute – an AttrClear Function

Posted on Jun 7, 2019 by John

We have a client where we need to update a Relative Time attribute on a time dimension each month so that the new month is referred to as “Current Month”…

How to Create Virtual Dimensions in TM1/Planning Analytics

Posted on Nov 1, 2018 by Boon Ong

Virtual Dimensions in TM1 and Planning Analytics allow you to use Attributes to create additional analytic capability.  Here we briefly discuss what they are and then what you need to…

CubeClearData TM1 Function Syntax and Use

Posted on Feb 10, 2016 by John

CubeClearData clears all of the data in a cube. It is a TurboIntegrator function, valid only in TurboIntegrator processes. This function is much faster than doing an operation such as creating a…

Null Values in a Turbo Integrator Process

Posted on Oct 30, 2015 by John

I recently needed to check some data I was loading via a Turbo Integrator process in TM1 for Null values. I thought there’d be something like an IsNull (like in…

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