Performance Management – The CPM Cycle

Optimise your budgeting and forecasting, reporting and analytics with a completely integrated corporate performance management system.

Corporate Performance Management (or CPM) refers to the cycle of planning what you are going to do, doing it, analysing and reporting on what you’ve done and updating your plans to reflect your most up to date knowledge of the market, to take advantage of any opportunities or how yo might avoid threats.

It is an ongoing process and best managed in a single environment where the reporting and analysis foundation are exactly the same data set as used for budgeting, planning and forecasting.

What’s in it for You?

Infocube’s core business is to help our clients build great CPM environments. This is what we do best. We excel in providing sophisticated tools, business analytics, expertise and support in corporate planning, budgeting and forecasting, in business intelligence, reporting and analytics across a range of industries and verticals.

As a premier IBM partner, we can assist you to:

  • Optimise all types of business decisions using analytics based insights
  • Provide insights from historic reporting to real time analysis to predictive modelling
  • Create budgeting, planning and forecasting environments for your management team to contribute and test different scenarios.
  • Improve enterprise-wide business outcomes and manage risk both now and in the future

Our Business Intelligence Expertise

Infocube’s business intelligence (BI) expertise allows our clients to make better and smarter business decisions faster with premium IBM solutions that take BI to a whole new level.

Innovations in business intelligence can enable more people with broader analytics capabilities so that everyone has the relevant information necessary to drive your business forward.

Our expertise is with the Cognos business intelligence products, which are available both on premise and in the cloud. Cognos tools are all designed to integrate with one another, so you can start addressing your most pressing BI needs immediately with the confidence that you can grow your solution over time to meet future requirements.

Corporate Planning Mastery

Our knowledge and experience within the realm of corporate planning – be it budgeting, year based forecasts or rolling forecasting – is second to none. Our team are regularly asked by professional accounting bodies to present at their conferences on corporate planning.

We use IBM TM1 and Planning Analytics (IBM’s cloud based TM1) to build out budgeting, planning and forecasting for our clients.

Infocube provides a range of Australian companies the ability to make the right decisions using corporate performance management systems, to seize opportunities, and be more proactive and innovative and to push their business to the very top of their respective markets.

Contact us now for a complimentary consultation to see how we can help.