Business Intelligence – Reporting & Analytics

Business Intelligence means different things to different people. At Infocube we understand BI. We get the difference between reporting and analysis. That being said, we are sometimes asked to “implement BI”. Huh? What does that mean? To some people business intelligence means dashboards and visualisation – graphically presenting data in a way that highlights opportunities or issues so you can then act on them. To other people BI means scheduled reports – daily sales reports, weekly inventory status reports, customer backorders, variance analysis, profitability etc. To another group it means being able to interactively analyse, to slice and dice, to filter, to find the answer to a question in an ad-hoc manner.

Really Business Intelligence encompasses all of these things. It’s not just the visualisation (the pretty front end). It’s showing users the information they need to run their part of the business and presenting it in a way that is easy to consume. That could be a visualisation. It could be a backorder report presented on an iPad for a sales rep to review prior to visiting a customer.

The needs to be satisfied are for accuracy, speed and, above all, total visibility across your enterprise to allow for enhanced strategic decision-making. Otherwise put, having a single repository of the truth. If it correct for one, it is right for all and vice-versa.

Providing either real-time reporting, alerts, scheduled emailed reports; Excel, web or PDF based reports in a controlled, secure environment is what we do. We extensively use the Cognos BI tools, IBM Cognos TM1 and Cognos Disclosure Management. These are all integrated tools that have different “sweet spots” in addressing a client’s reporting and analysis needs.

With many clients we then integrate this with their corporate planning so there is a single corporate performance management repository. Our experienced consultants work with clients to develop reporting & analysis solutions to ensure maximization of each business’s fullest potential.

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