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DBSS TM1 Excel Syntax and Use

Posted on Jun 29, 2023 by Rehmat Walia

The DBSS function sends a string value to any TM1 cube’s cell. DBSS Syntax The syntax for DBSS is: DBSS (string, cube, e1, e2,…en) Where: string: The string value that…

Stop Architect Hanging when Clicking Consolidated Element

Posted on Jun 26, 2023 by Gautam Narula

There are times user face issues trying to navigate in the dimension (subset editor) with thousands of elements, and accidentally click on the consolidated element. TM1 Architect hangs and the…

DBSA TM1 Excel Syntax and Use

Posted on Jun 23, 2023 by Rehmat Walia

DBSA allows you to send a value (numeric or string) to an attribute of an element in a dimension. DBSA Syntax The syntax for this function is: DBSA(attribute_value, dimension, element,…

What is the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT)

Posted on Jun 16, 2023 by Kleber

ILMT Introduction We sometimes get asked what is ILMT? The IBM Licence Metric Tool (ILMT) is a powerful solution designed to tackle the complexities of software license management, providing organisations…

TM1 Migration Simplified using Windows Tools

Posted on Jun 13, 2023 by Max Haynes

Keeping track of items that need migration from Development to Production isn’t always easy. TM1 doesn’t offer much help in this regard, and it’s usually up to the developer to…

How to Install Mirantis Container Runtime (Docker) on Windows Server 2019

Posted on Jun 7, 2023 by John

If you need to install Mirantis Container Runtime (formerly known as Docker) to Windows Server 2019, there are few steps to follow. This post takes you through the steps to…

What to Consider to Upgrade from Perspectives to Planning Analytics for Excel (PAX/PAfE)

Posted on Jul 8, 2022 by John

We are about to upgrade one of the largest TM1 sites in the world from using Perspectives to Planning Analysis for Excel (PAX/PAfE). This is a guide to what you…

How to Install Planning Analytics Workspace on Windows 2019

Posted on Jul 6, 2022 by John

Updated for PAW v 2.0.87. This post details how to install Planning Analytics Workspace on Windows Server 2019. The process changed from the Windows Server 2016 installation and now your…

How to Write a Great Blog Post

Posted on Mar 21, 2022 by John

This post explains how to write a blog post on It covers writing the post, making sure it is well structured from an SEO and readability perspective, and the…

TM1 Cell Security: How To Do It and Best Practices

Posted on Mar 16, 2022 by Andrew Walker

TM1’s security can be as simple or as complex as you need. We tend to start with the broadest possible definition of security and then refine it down to the…

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