Max Haynes

Universal Report Ranges

Posted on Oct 13, 2023 by Max Haynes

The hidden rows of a Universal Report reveal a vast amount of text and named ranges. It can be overwhelming, but if you take the time to understand the purpose…

Universal Reports Prerequisites

Posted on Sep 28, 2023 by Max Haynes

A Universal Report is a new type of dynamic report that is hierarchy aware. It utilises TM1SET formulas and named ranges to achieve this. The Prerequisites vary depending on your…

How to use DefineCalc to Create a User Defined Calculation

Posted on Aug 21, 2023 by Max Haynes

One of the most useful features of TM1 is the ability for users to create custom rollups, by way of User Defined Consolidation (UDC). Unfortunately, this feature is only available…

TM1 Migration Simplified using Windows Tools

Posted on Jun 13, 2023 by Max Haynes

Keeping track of items that need migration from Development to Production isn’t always easy. TM1 doesn’t offer much help in this regard, and it’s usually up to the developer to…

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