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TM1 and Planning Analytics SSL Certificate Fix Available

About a month ago we posted about the expiry of TM1 SSL certificates for here. In that post we alerted you that on 24 November the SSL certificate in your installation of TM1 will expire and no TM1 client will be able to talk with your TM1 server.

Fixes for TM1 have now been released by IBM. Details are below.

Please note that the TM1 SSL Certificate expiry will impact both servers and clients and therefore both servers and clients need to be updated.

Your Options

In our initial post we identified that your options are:

  1. Disable SSL in TM1s.cfg. This is not recommended because it will leave your traffic not protected by the SSL certificate.
  2. Apply the interim fix that IBM is expected to release in the coming weeks.
  3. Generate your own SSL Certificate and then apply it.
  4. If you are using TM1 10.2.2, upgrade to a 2048 bit SSL as discussed in this tech note from IBM.

Note that if you want TM1 to continue to work after 24 November, it is not an option to do nothing. TM1 will stop working on November 24 if you do nothing.

Automatic Update Kits From IBM for TM1 SSL Certificate Expiry

Late last week IBM released fixes for this problem. The updater kits are available from IBM here. These cover TM1 version 10.1.x, TM1 version 10.2.0 for Windows and 10.2.0 for Unix and TM1 version 10.2.2.

There is no update kit available for Planning Analytics. For CX you will need to do the manual method detailed below.

There is also no update kit available for any version of TM1 prior to 10.1.x. For these as well you will need to do the manual method explained below.

Manual Update Method for TM1/Planning Analytics SSL Certificate Expiry

If you use Planning Analytics or any version of TM1 prior to 10.1.x you must apply the fix manually. Instructions from IBM on what to do are available here.

TM1 and Planning Analytics Client SSL Certificate Updating

All TM1 clients, including Architect, Perspectives, Performance Modeler and Cognos Insight need to be updated. Instructions for these are available at these locations:

Planning Analytics Server Side Client Components

Client components of Planning Analytics (i.e. the client install files located on the server) also need to be updated so future installations are installed with the fix intact. Instructions for this are located here.

Cognos BI Client Components

Cognos BI can also obviously connect to TM1. There are separate instructions for updating the SSL certificates for BI where it connects to TM1 here.

How Long Will the TM1 SSL Certificate Update Take?

We estimate that it will take no more than half an hour to update a server (plus shut down and restart time) and about 10 to 15 minutes per client computer.

We are Here to Help!

If you need any assistance or advice on how to do it, please get in touch with us directly via [email protected] or call us on 1300 136 755.

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