TI Connection Error to Cognos BI Report

We sometimes recommend using a Cognos BI Package and BI report as the source for TM1. We usually do this when we have both TM1 and BI deployed at a client and it just makes sense to prepare the data in Framework Manager so it can then be used by any BI report and by TM1 as well. It especially cuts down reconciliation because if it is right in one place, it’ll be right in both.

Error Description

We were getting an error though where we needed to always authenticate to the BI report whenever we opened the Turbo Integrator package – which was very frustrating. We were getting an error saying “Connection to BI Server Failed” and could not move beyond the Data Source tab in the TI without re-authenticating – every time!


After contacting IBM Support they recommended just adding “EnableTIDatasourcePasswordAccess=T” into the TM1s.cfg file for our model.

This fixed the problem!

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