Modifying Framework Manager Query Subject over SAP BW Query

Method for modifying a Cognos Framework Manager Query Subject where SAP BW is the source.

The Issue

Framework Manager connects Cognos to the underlying database.  Source Query Subjects in FM typically show all columns from the source system, in this case SAP BW.  Normally in FM you can add a column to a Query Subject just by editing it and clicking Add.  However where the source is BW, this does not work.  You also cannot create a new Query Subject with the single item and drag and drop it to the existing Query Subject.

Resolving the problem

The problem can be resolved simply by re-importing the BW Query in Framework Manager, overwriting the exiting Query Subject.


  1. Click on the parent of the Query Subject in Framework Manager.
  2. Run the Metadata Wizard and reselect the existing BW query and include all required objects.
  3. Ensure that you use the same Language, Object Naming and Dimension structure options as originally chosen.
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