Sales Performance Management (SPM)

Sales Performance Management solutions help organisations align sales performance with their corporate objectives and sales strategy.

Infocube’s Cognos Sales Performance Management (SPM) suite delivers measurable improvements for an organisation’s finance, sales, human resources, and IT departments.

Infocube’s SPM solutions drive desired sales behaviour, reduce commission cycle times, and eliminate errors in overpayments.

SPM automates the process of calculating and reporting variable-based pay, providing more visibility and accountability into one of their largest variable expenses.

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Infocube’s Cognos Sales Performance Management (SPM) delivers:

  • Territory management – Efficiently manage frequent territory reassignments and maintain crediting rules to help ensure more accurate compensation and optimal sales coverage
  • Quota planning – Align corporate revenue plans and objectives to each sales representative by establishing the appropriate quotas, commission rates, and product mix to motivate the right desired sales behaviour
  • Channel management – Identify and manage sales talent to develop a high performing sales force
  • Incentive compensation – Build and manage incentive plans efficiently through a graphical interface to drive corporate growth and profitability across the entire business
  • Robust calculation engine – Utilise a robust calculation engine for managing sales compensation processes
  • Business user centricity –Removes the need for IT resources or technical expertise to deploy and administer incentive programs
  • Analytics and reporting – Quickly generate formattedand customised reports
  • Modeling and forecasting – Simulate the effects of plan changes or new components prior to roll out in order to optimise sales strategies and reduce risk
  • Faster implementation – Quickly deploy sales incentive programs and processes using Cognos SPM’s library of prebuilt solutions
  • Systems integration – Consume data from any number of disparate data sources, integrating directly into an organisation’s existing infrastructure

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