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TM1 SSL Certificate Impacts Servers AND Clients

TM1 Servers AND Clients Need to be Updated

Please remember that the TM1 SSL Certificate issue that we have advised about on previous blog posts impacts both servers and clients. This means that not only do you need to update all your TM1 servers, but you need to update every installation of TM1 client software.

Thi client that need to be also updated include:

  • Architect and Perspectives (obviously),
  • Cognos BI (when it uses TM1 as a source),
  • Cognos Insight,
  • Performance Modeller, and
  • TM1Top.

Also Remember Everything Must be Fixed by 24 November 2016.

The fix is detailed in this post. 

Remember that if you need any help to resolve the TM1 SSL problem on either your TM1 server, your Cognos BI server or your TM1 client computers, please reach out to us.

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