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Driver Based Planning Video from InfocubeTV

Posted on Apr 29, 2014 by Danielle Bartle

Driver based planning can dramatically decrease the time required for budgeting, planning and forecasting.  It is also a key part of setting up a planning environment that facilitates sensitivity and…

What Planning Frequency should You Use? InfocubeTV Video

Posted on Apr 14, 2014 by Danielle Bartle

Planning frequency varies from industry to industry and for different types of plans.  Are you planning to the frequency that matters? Should you plan every month, every quarter or just…

Planning Levels: Too Granular or Just Right? Video via InfocubeTV

Posted on Mar 9, 2014 by John Vaughan

Many organisations plan to same level that they operate.  They plan for every general ledger account in every cost centre, they plan gross profit for every product they sell and…

Are you Stuck in Excel Hell?

Posted on Nov 29, 2013 by John Vaughan

The top 5 reasons to people hate budgeting! Complexity, or ‘Excel Hell’ The sheer effort, extreme detail and resources involved It’s redundant by the time it’s completed All the horse-trading…

The Death of Budgeting Part 1

Posted on Nov 29, 2013 by John Vaughan

Increase the effectiveness of Corporate Planning with the Pillars of Planning from Infocube’s Death of Budgeting Caught up in the daily grind, in monthly, quarterly and annual cycles, it can…

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