SPSS Predictive Analytics

SPSS: Predictive analytics software & solutions

Infocube’s SPSS Predictive Analytics offers client solutions covering customer, operational, big data, threat and fraud.

SPSS predictive analytics software allows users to predict future outcomes based on patterns found in historical data in real time.

Knowing what will happen next in real timeallows you to make smarter decisions, solve problems, maximise your uptime, while also minimising your costs and improving operational outcomes.

SPSS solutions from Infocube provide:

  • Customer Analytics: uncover hidden insights in your customer data so you can create personalised experiences that win more business while reducing costs and increasing customer loyalty
  • Customer Acquisition: attract more valuable customers with customer analytic
  • Customer Lifetime Value: maximise customer profitability through up-sell and cross-sell regimes
  • Customer Loyalty: retain valuable customers by improving loyalty
  • Profitability: improve profitability with customer analytics
  • Social Media Analytics: unlock the value of customer sentiment in social media
  • Operational Analytics: ensure your people, processes and assets are aligned and optimised to maximise productivity and profitability
  • Predictive modeling and Big Data: create predictive models from Big Data without programming

Threat and Fraud Analytics

Infocube’s SPSS predictive analytics software allows users to monitor their business environment, detect suspicious activity, and control outcomes to minimise exposure and loss, visualised in the form of a data stream.

For financial and government bodies, SPSS predictive analytics software alsoprovides:

  • Fraud Prevention: uncover fraud and take action before damages and loss occur
  • Public Safety Solutions:analyse multiple data sources to monitor, measure and predict crime patterns

Contact us to discuss the benefits of SPSS predictive analytics and how it can assist your business.

Trial SPSS for yourself visit: http://www-01.ibm.com/software/analytics/spss/downloads.html

Accountants that specialise in business analytics

Accountants that specialise in business analytics

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