IBM Planning Analytics: The World’s Best Cloud Planning & Analysis Solution

Corporate Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, Analysis and Scorecard Cloud Solution with IBM Planning Analytics

Do you want a super fast, easy to use planning and analytic solution? Do you want it to be built with the world’s leading planning engine? Do you want it hosted on the cloud, managed for you and located right here in Australia? IBM Planning Analytics is the answer.

You can have a complete cloud based planning solution with embedded powerful analysis for fast, easy and highly flexible corporate planning, budgeting, forecasting and scorecarding.

Planning Analytics is simply the leading tool set in the world for budgeting and forecasting. But it goes so much deeper than that. With the one application, you will empower your business users with self service analytics. Business insights will be delivered automatically and help you remain agile as the market changes and lead your competitors.


IBM Planning Analytics

Planning Analytics as presented over the web.

Flexible and Scalable: You can start using cloud based Planning Analytics with a small team and it can scale for the world’s largest corporations.

IBM Cloud: IBM’s cloud is the largest corporate cloud offering and hosts many enterprise applications. And it’s available right here in Australia.

Security: It’s IBM. Your data can be loaded securely from your local ERP and once in the cloud, is governed by the most demanding security protocols and standards in the industry.


IBM Planning Analytics in Excel

Cloud hosted Planning Analytics presented locally through Microsoft Excel

Why compromise? You don’t need to choose
between fast deployment and powerful
analytics. With Planning Analytics you can have both.
Further you have the ability to make changes to your models quickly as your trading environment changes. You will become more agile and prepared for the future.


IBM Planning Analytics with Watson Analytics

Predictive analysis using Watson Analytics embedded inside Planning Analytics

Plan with Confidence: Combine the planning excellence from TM1 with predictive analytics from Watson Analytics for smarter forward looking decision making.

Finance Leadership: Move up to the bridge of your ship and guide your organisation with a finance owned, self service planning environment, to which your whole business can contribute, and provides finance with the tools they need to navigate the business in the right direction.

Download the IBM Planning Analytics Data Sheet

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IBM Planning Analytics

Speed: Your team love Excel, so keep using it and move the engine to the cloud, taking the best of both with a hybrid solution – Excel on the desktop and super fast TM1 in the cloud.

Agility: Have confidence that your data is correct – every time – then drive positive results and plan your business the way you want and respond to changing market dynamics fast.

Foresight: Spend more time analysing and planning, rather than crunching data and consolidating spreadsheets. Using the advanced analytics inside Planning Analytics gives insight to whats ahead, rather than focusing on what’s happened.

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