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Secrets from LEAN Accounting Teams!

Including: How to complete your monthly reporting process in 3 days rather than 2 weeks or more.

Would you like your finance team to achieve more with less? How about claiming back your evenings and weekends? If so, this could be the most important message you read this year…

This full-day course is a “must attend” for senior finance professionals.

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Does your finance team consistently struggle to complete its Month-End process? Does your corporate planning still drag on for months? Do your key performance indicators really work? Is your accounting team under pressure to cut costs? Do you really know how to start your financial transformation journey?

All of this isn’t good for you, and it’s not good for your team or your company. So what’s the solution?

David Parmenter is the author of Winning CFO’s and Key Performance Indicators. David is a globally acknowledged expert on coaching CFO’s to be more productive, more efficient and also to generate the RESULTS THEY WANT.

At his event, “LEAN Accounting – How to be a Winning CFO”, you’ll discover:

  • The #1 secret to making your finance team LEAN
  • The eight types of waste finance teams need to avoid
  • How to lock your annual plan cycle into a two-week cycle
  • Ways to complete year-end in just three weeks
  • How leading global organisations condense month-end activity into just 3 days
  • Quick wins that will save the finance team over 30% of its time
  • What you should do to lead financial transformation in your organisation

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Whilst most corporate accountants are aware of the revolution of LEAN and its positive impact on private, government and non-profit sectors, few have realised the profound impact it has on the accounting function. The pioneers of LEAN accounting have now blazed a pathway that all corporate accountants should become familiar with. LEAN accounting not only looks at making all finance team processes more efficient, it changes the way we report numbers (by using value streams). It challenges our thinking about spare capacity and our treatment of inventory, and totally rethinks the use of cost allocations (the validity of activity-based accounting being challenged).

David Parmenter – Course Presenter

David Parmenter

The course is presented by David Parmenter FCA (Eng & Wales).  David is a leading expert in KPIs, quarterly rolling planning, quick month-end processes and establishing reporting as a key decision-based tool. He has spoken in 30 countries and has been a keynote speaker for the IBM Finance Forum, The World Capability Congress and for a number of customer conferences.

David Parmenter has published many articles in management and accounting journals around the world. John Wiley & Sons, New York, have published his four books including, Key Performance Indicators and Winning CFOs. He has worked for BP, Ernst and Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Arthur Andersen & Co.

Course outline

This masterclass will cover:

  • Why the Finance team needs to embrace the LEAN movement
  • The eight types of waste finance teams need to avoid
  • Toyota’s 14 management principles e.g. making innovation a daily activity
  • How value stream accounting is superior to traditional product costing
  • Why activity costing is seen as anti-lean
  • How to avoid performance measures that hurt your organisation — the dark side of KPIs
  • Kaizen — understand how to apply continuous improvement and innovation in your daily activity
  • Why closing on a 4,4,5 week basis is LEAN
  • How to lock your annual plan cycle into a two week time frame
  • How to get your annual accounts signed off in 3 weeks post year-end
  • Quick ways to reduce accounts payable volume by 60%
  • Quick wins that will save the finance team over 30% of its time
  • How to reduce your chart of accounts to less than 50 P/L accounts
  • How to report month-end inside 3 working days
  • How to “post-it re-engineer” a process
  • How to apply LEAN methodologies to give you instant results (Scrum, Kanban, values stream mapping, and Deming’s PDCA)
  • LEAN reporting — one page report formats for better decision-making and daily and weekly report templates
  • Selling and leading change
  • The next steps to take in the following five weeks

Who will benefit?

  • Finance directors, CFOs, financial controllers
  • Management and financial accountants
  • Consultants
  • Practitioners who act as a CFO for their SME clients

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What you’ll gain

Upon attending you will be able to:

  • Apply the LEAN concepts to your accounting function
  • Transition away from the major ineffective processes that finance teams commonly use
  • Apply better utilisation of technologies, based on case studies covered in the course
  • Cut days out of your month-end processes — immediately
  • Complete fast forecasts and annual plans
  • Review, at your leisure, the comprehensive white paper with electronic media valued at A$200.


Early-bird registration fee (if received by 29 January 2015) $850 excl GST

Full registration fee (if received after 29 January 2015) $1,000 excl GST


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