IBM Planning Analytics: The World’s Best Cloud Planning & Analysis Solution

Spend less time crunching data and more time discovering business insights

IBM Planning Analytics is the leading toolset in the world for corporate planning, budgeting, forecasting, analysis and scorecard cloud solutions. Imagine all your business insights delivered automatically, helping you remaining agile in an ever changing, ever competitive market. With one app, you’ll empower your business team with self service analytics. Planning Analytics can 10x your budgeting and forecasting in 3 ways:



Your team love Excel, so keep using it and move the engine to the cloud, taking the best of both with a hybrid solution – Excel on the desktop and super fast TM1 in the cloud.


Spend more time analysing and planning, and virtually no time crunching data and consolidating spreadsheets. Using the advanced analytics inside Planning Analytics focuses on the future of the business, rather than what’s happened in the business. It’s business intelligence done right.


Have confidence that your data is correct – every time – so that you can plan your business the way you want, drive positive results, and respond to changing market dynamics fast.

We’ve put together a bunch of resources that will educate, inspire, and give insights on Planning Analytics

Blog Posts

Planning Analytics: Cognos Analysis for Excel (CAFE)

Cognos Analysis for Excel (CAFE) has been around a long time. For those of us who come from the Cognos world originally, it emerged as an Excel add-in for building Excel based reports with BI data. Why Cognos Analysis for Excel, not TM1 Perspectives? Now CAFE has emerged as the path for TM1’s future use…

IBM Planning Analytics

Planning Analytics (TM1 Cloud) Review

Planning Analytics from IBM is their movement of TM1 to the cloud. Available as a SaaS solution, it combines the raw grunt of TM1 with natural language querying and visualisation from Watson Analytics into an extremely powerful, easy to use tool. Here we discuss Planning Analytics, what it is, how it works, the costs, transition from on premise TM1 and have links for both interactive demos and trials.


The Planning Survey 18

Useful to finance professionals seeking to gain a comprehensive overview of the planning software landscape, The Planning Survey 18 by BARC reveals the strengths and challenges of many of the leading vendors in the space as well as a number of smaller vendors — some regional and some relatively new to the market — many of which offer outstanding value to their customers.

Download BARC's summary of the headline results for IBM Planning Analytics here.

Exploring TM1

ExploringTM1 grew out of our old TM1 Tutorials site and is now our masthead blog for all things technical to do with TM1 and Planning Analytics.

In here you will find articles from the best way to implement security in TM1, to how use a whole range of TI, Rule and Excel functions, on Planning Analytics Workspace and Planning Analytics for Excel and even how to give your TM1 a health check. There's almost 300 useful blog posts there, so head over and check it out.

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