IBM Cognos 10 to SAP BW Cookbook

This document is intended to provide a single point of reference for techniquesand product behaviours when dealing with SAP® NetWeaver® BusinessWarehouse® (SAP BW) as a data source in IBM Cognos 10. This is a detailed update to the existing Cookbook for integrating Cognos 10 with BW and is to be read in conjunction with the Cognos 8.4 Cookbook for integrating with SAP BW.

IBM Cognos 10 leverages the SAP BW investment within your organization by providing access to the SAP BW metadata and business content. The guidelines and practices for the design and use of SAP BW objects and queries can be found within the document entitled IBM Cookbook for IBM Cognos 8.4 for use with SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse located at, and are generally applicable when accessing SAP BW with IBM Cognos 10.



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John Vaughan

John Vaughan is a highly experienced Accountant and Consultant. He has experience in the pharmaceutical, FMCG, distribution, professional services, manufacturing and financial service industries. With over 25 years of commercial experience and 20 years working with the Cognos products, he...

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