Leasing Cognos, TM1 or SPSS

I received an interesting email the other day from a colleague regarding an alternative way of financing software, hardware, support and Infocube services.  Using IBM Global Finance (which apparently is in the top ten largest financial institutions globally), you can lease the entire package so that it includes not only the hardware and software, but also our services to implement the solution.  Neat, huh!

Here is an example.  With $30k worth of licenses and $20k of Infocube services, the lease costs came out at:

Example showing the cost of leasing IBM Software and Infocube services

Financing cost example

So $30k worth of Planning Analytics licenses could get you approximately 30 Planning Analytics Reporter users, a CX Admin and the CX Reporter Connector – well and truly enough for a small to medium enterprise.  And you can have it for as little as $32 per user per month.

If you would like more information on IBM Global Finance, please get in touch with us at Infocube.  You can also read business analytics leasing.pdf from IBM that explains how it works with Business Analytics.  To see for yourself what the calculations are, please go here to the IBM Calculator.

Please note that this is not a quote or an offer of finance.  Rather it is an example of what you might be able to lease Cognos software and Infocube services for on a monthly basis.  A fully approved application is required prior to being offered any financing from IBM.

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