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Fast Month End – The Next Steps

Still taking weeks to complete Month-End? Here are the Key Next Steps to close in just 3 days…

Earlier this month we published the first article and second articles in our series Faster Month End Series of informative pieces and introduced globally acclaimed financial author and CFO coach, David Parmenter and his “Secrets from LEAN Accounting Teams” Australian masterclass tour in late February.

This final article in the “Fast Month End Series” series David divulges the key next steps in implementing a three day month end.  He covers:

  • what to do immediately after the month end close,
  • how to keep the CEO onside through the process,
  • how to ensure the finance team can get through month-end fast, and
  • a few tips that really can only come from someone who has walked the walk (they’re somewhat colloquial, but oh, so true!)

In short, David’s articles are real and in just a few minutes you can take away some extremely useful strategies that you can put in place immediately – and best of all they won’t cost you anything!

David has worked with a large number of global companies to transform their finance function and secure the benefits of a LEAN methodology. The results have been compelling… Many organisations have been successful in transforming their month-end processing from a labour-intensive 2-3 weeks to just a couple of days.

To download the full article, please click here.

From here we will move onto Annual Planning.  Many organisations take literally months to complete their annual planning exercise.  If that sounds like your company, then stay tuned for this series where David explains how you can complete your entire budget in a few weeks!

Finally, last week there was an error in the link that a number of people tried to follow for what was David’s final webinar.  Thus we are running an additional webinar on Wednesday 18 February at 10am Sydney time.  In this webinar David will cover 10 lean tips (including five tips that will help you speed up month-end processing)  Please click here to register for the free webinar on Wednesday 18 January.

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