DimensionElementComponentDelete TM1 Function: Use and Syntax

DimensionElementComponentDelete selects a single element and deletes it from a consolidation element in a dimension in TM1. Importantly, it does not delete the element from the dimension itself, it only removes it from being rolled up to the specified parent.

For the opposite, please see DimensionElementComponentAdd.

Syntax of DimensionElementComponentDelete

The syntax is:

DimensionElementComponentDelete(DimName, ConsolidatedElName, ElName);


DimName, is the dimension you want to modify

ConsolidatedElName, is the consolidated element you want to remove the element from

ElName, is the element you want to remove from the consolidation

Use and Example

For example, if you have Europe as a parent and France, Denmark, Germany and Spain as child elements. You might also have Europe by Region as a parent, broken into Northern and Southern Europe with each country then as children of those regions. Using this function you could remove Denmark from Northern Europe and leave it in Europe (obviously then “Europe” and “Europe by Region” would not equate any more, but that is a different story!).

To execute this in a Turbo Integrator process and remove Denmark from Northern Europe in the Countries dimension, the command would be

DimensionElementComponentDelete('Countries', 'Northern Europe', 'Denmark');

This function can be used in Turbo Integrator processes only.

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