CPA Congress 2012 – We’re Presenting!

We are extremely proud to advise that John Vaughan, Managing Director of InfoCube has been invited by CPA Australia to present in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra two presentations – The Death of Budgeting and The Pillars of Planning. 

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The Death of Budgeting

Budgeting can increase costs and cause major management and organisational problems with little benefit. In this compelling session, John Vaughan will discuss these problems and show you an alternative way that is being used by leading global companies.

He will also discuss the number-one mistake companies make when budgeting, how budgeting can destroy staff morale and waste resources, how budgets can lead organisations to “plan to fail” and how to better assess risk and incorporate it into planning. John will also discuss the fallacy of forecast accuracy, and challenge you to consider whether you really want to forecast, or do you want to plan (or don’t know the difference?).

This is in the Corporate Stream and is intended as a thought provoking presentation to challenge the traditional budgeting mantra with an alternative.

The Five Pillars of Planning

Many organisations still use an annual plan or budget as their primary planning exercise. There are significant problems with the way most of these plans are compiled, including internal gaming, too much detail, infrequent revisions and the inability to really understand and model the key drivers to a business.

This discussion will outline the five pillars that make business planning actually work – to focus the organisation on what really matters, to stop wasting resources and loss of management focus and to plan effectively and efficiently. Topics include culture, through timing, levels of detail, scenario and sensitivity analysis and then where the audience can go from where they are now.

This is a more practical presentation on how you, as senior accountants, can improve your planning processes with five very practical and possibly challenging, concepts.

If you would like a copy of the presentations please let us know.

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John Vaughan

John Vaughan is a highly experienced Accountant and Consultant. He has experience in the pharmaceutical, FMCG, distribution, professional services, manufacturing and financial service industries. With over 25 years of commercial experience and 20 years working with the Cognos products, he...

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