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The Problem with Existing Tools

Do you want a corporate plan that allows you “pull the levers” on your business and see the impact of changing those levers on the bottom line immediately? Where, for example, you can change the market share or market size and the model updates right through the P&L for the entire business? Or where you can change the headcount for a department and the open updates for that department? Or FX or interest rates?

The problem is that existing planning systems are inflexible, don’t allow you to tinker with various drivers and see their impacts on forecasts immediately. And if you’re using Excel for budgeting, it's even worse, with problems like version control, formula errors, file linking errors, and performance limitations.

Supercharge Your Corporate Planning

As a management accounting consulting firm and IBM Premier Partner, Infocube provides enterprise-wide corporate planning solutions designed to improve how you run your company. We use efficient planning and strategic decision-making methodologies to turn your existing systems into supercharged ones.

We liken our approach to upgrading your existing ‘sedan’ of a planning system to a ‘sports car’ using IBM Planning Analytics, and then going further by building a ‘hover car’, allowing senior leaders to pull various levers and ratios and see what happens within a couple of keystrokes.

Hover Car Diagram

Conventional Corporate Planning

  • Usually bottom-up approach
  • Multiple submissions
  • Multiple stakeholders
  • Inflexible
  • Complex and highly detailed
  • Source for corporate plan
  • Used for variance reporting
  • Has actuals loaded daily
  • Planned to a fixed timeline or as a rolling forecast

Enhanced Corporate Planning (Hover Car)

  • Top down approach
  • Scenario driven
  • Accessible for all stakeholders, designed for CFO and CEO analysis
  • Highly flexible
  • Delivers same totals as 'sports car' corporate plans
  • Gets actuals and plans from the 'sports car' version and calculates outcome using ratios and drivers
  • Usually rolling forecast


Whitepaper: Financial Planning

Learn how IBM Planning Analytics helps you align financial plans and budgets with corporate objectives.

Whitepaper: IBM Planning Analytics

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Infocube's Pillars of Planning

Discover the five considerations for building a great forecasting environment.

Our ability to draw upon InfoCube’s extensive management accounting experience was key to the success of the project. We now have a forecasting and budgeting system that allows us to plan to the horizon that matters, and to the level of detail we need.

Peter Hughes

Finance Director; Hunter Douglas Australia Group
Read the case study here

Building great corporate solutions with great tools

Infocube use IBM’s TM1 and Planning Analytics to build planning systems for our clients. Work with us and you'll get a great corporate planning solution. One that will allow you to align your strategic objectives and operational plans. This model then facilitates your executives to do "what if" analysis across the organisation.

You will be in safe hands because since 2002 we have worked with some of Australia's largest corporations (including Thales, Endeavour Energy, News Corporation, Woolworths, Hunter Douglas, and several state government departments) designing, developing and delivering corporate planning solutions that work.

The Power of IBM Planning Analytics

About Infocube's John Vaughan


John Vaughan is a highly qualified and experienced consultant with a strong record for achieving significant organisational change, especially in the realm of corporate planning, budgeting, forecasting, analysis and reporting.

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