How to Improve Your Corporate Planning

  • Would you like to complete your Annual Plan in just 3 Weeks?
  • Find out how you can re forecast monthly with minimal effort.
  • Explore using the same business information both planning and for reporting and analytics.
  • Combine Rolling Forecasting with Annual Planning in the one place with as many directly comparable versions as you like.
  • Perform "what if" analysis and sandboxing with ease.
  • Learn how to integrate Demand Planning with Inventory Management and Corporate Planning.
  • Have your team able to use the tools they're comfortable with, be it via the Web, on a mobile Mobile device or using  Excel.

Fully Integrated

All modules of your planning environment always up to date, be it Revenue into P&L, Capex and Labour into Opex, Cash Flow for next week, or Balance Sheet for next Financial Year.

Web, Excel and Mobile Ready

At the core of our Performance Management solution is TM1. With it you can front end the same information to Excel, to the web or to a mobile device.

Reconcile Once

Load your actuals once. Reconcile once. Use for all planning and corporate reporting, analysis and business intelligence.

Easy To Use

Prefer Excel (like most of us accountants)? no problem. Keep on using it. Want the simplicity of web deployment? Easy, a few clicks and we're there.

Rolling Forecasts and Annual Budgets

Many organisations are now starting to use Rolling Forecasts, but still can't break away from annual plans as well. We accomodate both in a flexible design so  you can reforecast as frequently as needed, for the horizon that matters for your business and then slice out an annual plan when required.

Instant Updates

Need daily reporting? Need frequent updates to your actuals. Update from your ERP on demand so you can see the impact of month end changes immediately in your reports.

Our Services

Infocube is a management accounting practice that specialises in business analytics. "What?", I hear your say. Well were corporate financial management experts who have a deep understanding of IBM business analytics tools, namely TM1, Cognos BI and SPSS.

We have many years experience with corporate financial management, be it short term cash flow, rolling forecast or traditional fixed financial year budgeting, complex financial reports for the ASX or ASIC, board and executive packs, dashboards, and operational reporting, demand planning and inventory management

Why Work With Us

We have been around for almost 15 years and over that period have worked with many of Australia's leading organisations, including News Corp, Woolworths, Dick Smith, Electrolux, Schneider Electric, Hunter Douglas, Endeavour Energy, NSW Treasury as well as a host of smaller companies.

We've built rolling forecasts, budgets, financial consolidations, corporate reporting, data warehouses, dashboards and operational reporting.

Infocube are an IBM Premier Partner, our team are led by qualified accountants and we are regularly asked to speak at CPA Australia conferences on Management Accounting.

What you can Expect

Initially we will work along side you and your team to refine your needs. We'll then document those for you to approve. At this stage we may also prepare a prototype so you can see what the end solution will look like. With the design approved, we will then commence build, preferably with one of your staff in our team. We will then demonstrate each part of the build as it is created so you can continue to refine your needs. Along the way we will document the solution and provide regular project updates to you about progress, issues and risks. You will then test and accept each module before being put into production. When complete, you'll have a great solution and we'l have another delighted customer!

Frequently Asked Questions

What People Are Saying

Peter Hughes
Finance Director, Hunter Douglas Australia

"Our ability to draw upon Infocube's extensive management accounting experience was key to the success of the project."

"We now have a forecasting an budgeting system that allows us to plan to the horizon the matters and to the level of detail we need. And it's fast!"

Prabha Kamath
Financial Controller, Cerebos

“TM1 has reduced the time required to complete annual business plans and financial forecasts by up to six weeks. Now we can use our time to analyse, challenge and validate forecast scenarios, generate reports at greater speeds and focus on adding value by working with our business partners to both improve and grow the business.”


Dick Smith
Planning & Analysis Manager

“Many thanks to the Infocube team for their proactive approach in supporting our TM1 software. Ben & his team have an excellent understanding of their product & are always a step ahead in planning. Infocube are always prompt in responding to requests for assistance & keep communication simple. They have truly developed a business partnering relationship with our TM1 administrators & we are appreciative of their tremendous work.” 

Goodman Fielder
SAP SCM BI Functional Consultant

“I was part of the Goodman Fielder SAP BI team who designed, developed, implemented and support the Cognos Contributor & Reporting in our Home Ingredients Retail business. The interface, built by Infocube between Cognos and SAP BW has given the team a workable and user friendly system specifically developed for forecasting and budgeting.”  

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Infocube is a management accounting firm specialising in business analytics. We have offices in both Sydney and Melbourne and are an IBM Premier Partner.
We help you put in place great solutions to complex corporate financial management problems.

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