Cognos Upgrade – Cognos 8 BI & Cognos 8 EP Upgrade Checklist

This check-list was used at a client for a Cognos upgrade, taking them from Cognos 8.3 BI and Cognos Planning 8.3 to 8.4.1.

The underlying database is Oracle, there was a single application server for both Cognos BI and EP and also a job server for EP.  There was also orignally a single Content Store that was used for both BI and EP which was split into a separate contentstore and planningstore.

The list is made available as a stand alone document and is to be used at your own risk. Please ensure that you understand you own environment before using it and make adjustments to it as required. InfoCube does not attest to it’s completeness or accuracy and offers no warranty or guarantee for its use.

Click here to download the Cognos 8 Upgrade, Installation and Configuration steps as an Excel file.

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Item App Job Task
1 Create new schemas for ContentStore84, AuditStore84 and PlanningStore84 in Oracle database
2 Full backup of Oracle Cognos database
3 Log onto both app and job servers as [service account]
4 Export registries of both app and job servers
5 Create full deployment from 8.3 BI
6 Export cogstartup.xml from 8.3 from app and job servers and label cogstartup_83_YYYYMMDD.xml
7 Create full separate deployments from 8.3 EP from CAC for Models, Macros and Admin Links
8 Take screenshots of both Table and View publish containers to get the Container Name and source Contributor application
9 Review the Access Rights as these cannot be exported and subsequently imported.  They must be recreated.
10 Create zip backups of analyst libraries and transformer models and cubes
11 Copy 8.3 .xml and cogstartup files per Cognos doco and rename xxx_83_YYYYMMDD.xml
12 Install 8.4 BI
13 Install BI Modeller
14 Install Transformer
15 Install Fix Packs for BI
16 Copy 8.4 .xml and cogstartup files per Cognos doco and rename xxx_84_YYYYMMDD.xml
17 Copy xxx_83_YYYYMMDD.xml files to the 8.4 location and rename as xxx.xml
18 Remove all applications from CAC
19 Uninstall 8.3 EP on app and job servers and restart
20 Drop all Publish Containers from Database as they need to be manually recreated
21 Setup new UNC admin location (for filesys.ini etc)
22 Install 8.4 EP on app and job servers, using UNC paths where relevant
23 Install Fix Packs for EP
24 Copy [Company Templates] folder from 8.3 to 8.4 and update shares
25 Change the service logon accounts to [service account] on app and job servers
26 Rename cogstartup.xml for 8.4 on app and job servers
27 Copy the 8.3 version of cogstartup83 to 8.4 on app and job servers
27 Copy Oracle file odbc14.jar to c84/webapps/p2pd/web-inf/lib on app and job servers
28 Open cog config for 8.4 and edit on app and job servers
1 Dispatcher port, increment by one to 9301
2 Logging port to 9363
3 Shutdown port to 9400
4 Gateway uri to http://[servername]:80/cognos84/cgi-bin/cognosisapi.dll
5 Controller uri for gateway to http://[servername]:80/cognos84/controllerServer
6 Audit log database to new auditlog84
7 Content store database to new contentstore84
8 Notification store to new contentstore84
9 Add new planningstore84
29 In IIS
1 Set up a new application pool for cognos84, replicating existing cognos8 application pool
2 Set up the web alias’ etc in IIS for cognos84
3 Edit application extensions to allow cognos84
30 Configure Cognos Connection to use ISAPI
31 When Cognos Connection 8.4 is up, then import the deployment from 8.3
32 Open and upgrade FM models
33 Open and upgrade transformer models
34 Edit transformer batch jobs to point to cognos84
35 Test BI
36 Import deployments of admin links and macros into CAC
37 Create connections to existing applications within CAC OR upgrade existing applications OR import deployment of applications
38 Upgrade analyst filesys.ini
39 Upgrade analyst libraries
40 Configure CAC
1 Location of filesys.ini
2 Job Cluster and Server
3 Rebuild Access Rights
4 Add new Publish Containers
5 Validate all Admin Links
6 Assign apps and publish containers to Job Cluster
41 Test connectivity from CAC to analyst
42 Test models on web
43 Check and edit CAC macros and admin links if necessary
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