Cognos RTM Folder Cleanup in Cognos 8 and Cognos 10

Cognos BI can create an enormous set of files and folders for Run Time Models (we have seen over 20Gb) in the Cognos RTM folder.  This discusses those files and how to delete them safely.

The Issue with Cognos RTM Files and Folders

Cognos RTM files are local copies of the Run Time Model in both Cognos 8 and Cognos 10 Business Intelligence.  They are created when the first user has accessed the published package. They can be deleted as they will be recreated once the package is accessed.

For most sites the Cognos 8 runtime model directory (e.g. D:\Program Files\cognos\c83\data\cqe\RTModels ) is only a temporary buffer pool and grows very large (many gigabytes) after a while. Unfortunately there is no way to prevent the directory from growing.

Please note this is presented as general guidance only and you follow the instructions below at your own risk.  You should ensure your environment is completely backed up before you commence.

Resolving the problem

So, can the Cognos RTM directory be cleared manually?

Yes, you can flush the directory, but the Cognos 8/Cognos 10 Dispatcher and Content Manager Service has to be shut down at this time. Make sure that you delete only the contents (including subdirs), not the directory itself.


  • ensure the environment is completely backed up
  • stop Cognos 8/10 Service
  • delete every data in folder RTModels (not the folder iteself)
  • start Cognos 8/10 Service
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