Cognos Insight

Cognos Insight delivers the flexibility and agility business users require and independently answers business questions, at the speed your business requires.

Cognos Insight provides outstanding data interactivity, analysis and visualisation capabilities to individual desktops and allows users to:

  • Import, merge and analyse data on a desktop, including personal files, historical business intelligence, databases and more
  • Build custom dashboards and applications without scripting to see data in a way that makes sense to you and your business.
  • Optimise outcomes through what-if analysis any time even when you are not connected to a server
  • Create compelling visualisations to help deliver insights in the most meaningful and understandable way for your role or organisation
  • Support collaboration and action at the team or enterprise level and share applications independently or publish your work to a Cognos server
  • Choose business analytics that grow with you

As your needs evolve add broader analytical capabilities such as managed reporting, predictive analytics, financial and performance management

Infocube’s Cognos Insight puts the power to solve individual and workgroup challenges directly in the hands of business users.

At the same time, it enables organisations to bridge the gap between business user freedom and IT governance processes, while also creating a growth path to enterprise-level collaboration and management.

Contact us to discuss the details of Cognos Insights and how it can assist your business.

Accountants that specialise in business analytics

Accountants that specialise in business analytics

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