Cognos Express

Cognos Express (CX) is part of the Cognos 10 family of products, which enables your organisation to start small and expand your BI solution over time to address future needs.

IBM Cognos Express provides mid size companies and departments of larger enterprises with consistent, reliable information to answer three critical business questions: How are we doing? Why? What should we be doing?

With insights drawn from answering these questions, managers can make better, faster decisions to drive greater efficiencies, reduce costs and identify new growth opportunities.

For organisations that are beginning to embark or expand on a BI and planning strategy, Cognos Express includes everything you need to start now. It offers powerful yet easy-to-use capabilities for both novices and advanced users to encourage broad adoption throughout a company.

To be agile and compete with larger rivals, managers and business users at mid size companies need targeted, timely and accurate information – information that can successfully drive strategic business decisions. BI and planning applications provide this information. They increase visibility into key metrics to improve business processes and decision-making throughout an organisation.

Cognos Express combines all the elements of Cognos Enterprise BI and TM1 in a fully integrated package, specifically designed and prices for the mid market.

Cognos Express has four components:

CX Reporter: self service reporting and ad hoc query

Cognos Express Reporter is reporting software that delivers complete, self-service reporting and ad hoc query capabilities for midsize companies.

Empowers business users to access, modify or create reports quickly and easily.

It meets all of your reporting needs with a self-service design that helps reduce the cost and time needed to share information throughout an organisation.

CX Advisor: free form analysis and visualization

IBM Cognos Express Advisor is analysis software that quickly translates raw data into sophisticated analysis with rich visual presentations.

Giving business users and analysts the ability to quickly analyse complex data and easily share business insights with high-impact visualisation.

Its write-back capabilities enable users to take immediate action for the most effective business outcomes.

CX Xcelerator: excel based planning and business analysis

IBM Cognos Express Xcelerator transforms common spreadsheets for real-time, Excel-based business analysis and optimization.

IBM Cognos Express Xcelerator extends and transforms the Microsoft Excel front-end with a powerful in-memory analytics engine.

Perfectly suited for multidimensional business analysis and “what-if” scenario modeling, enabling a new level of insight and action for better business outcomes.

CX Planner: web based planning, budgeting and rolling forecasting

IBM Cognos Express Planner provides planning, budgeting and forecasting software purpose-built for midsize companies.

Transforms a company’s planning processes, enabling business users to react quickly to changing business conditions.

It replaces slow, cumbersome manual planning processes with automated daily, weekly or monthly planning tools using the latest, accurate data.

Contact us to discuss the details of Cognos Enterprise and how it can assist your business.

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Accountants that specialise in business analytics

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