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What is Cognos Express?  Planning Analytics is IBM’s specially packaged set of Business Analytics products especially for the mid market.  It includes Cognos business intelligence and TM1, optimised to work seamlessly together.

This means you can use it for your budgeting, planning and forecasting, for dashboards, reporting and analysis, for data visulisation, for reporting out to mobile devices like ipads and android phones.

What’s best is that all of that is then integrated, so when someone submits a budget or forecast change, it is immediately included in all reports and analysis that use that data. No more updating Excel spreadsheets, moving data from one container to another or broken spreadsheet links.

How good would it be for your business to load actuals every day, to track sales against monthly targets, then to load your general ledger either daily or monthly to run your financial reports and have those values automatically flow directly into your financial forecast so it is always up to date?

Planning Analytics is then priced specifically for the smaller enterprise, so that you don’t need to go through the normal large enterprise licencing skirmish with IBM.

Finally, Planning Analytics is full featured Cognos BI and TM1. The only limitations are the sources it can connect to, limits on the number of uses and the power of your server and that you are limited to a single TM1 instance on the server (which for most organisations is not a problem).

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