Is Planning Analytics Licenced to use Cognos Analytics?

Can Planning Analytics clients use Cognos Analytics (yet)?

I had a query from a client the other day regarding Planning Analytics and if they could install Cognos Analytics (i.e. Cognos Bi version 11) with their CX licences (where CX is currently only available as 10.2).  My expectation was that, yes, of course they could because as of CX version 10.2.2, Planning Analytics was governed by licence and was now the same installation as the Enterprise versions of TM1 and Cognos BI, rather than the previous Planning Analytics Installation, which then did a combined installation and configuration of TM1 and BI.

Before I could answer the client though, I thought I should check with IBM.  The answer I got surprised me in that initially they said, no, CX will effectively be an island stuck on version 10 and thus unable to use the great new stuff available in Cognos Analytics and Planning Analytics.

the good news: I have now just had it clarified that yes, there will be an update to Planning Analytics available late in Q2 or early Q3 of 2016 that will have Cognos Analytics.

Nothing yet on the TM1 side and potential use of Planning Analytics, but I suspect that will take somewhat longer as Planning Analytics is only available as a SaaS offering at the moment.

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