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Cognos Analytics Finally to be Properly Integrated with TM1!

Just in from the World of Watson at Las Vegas…

IBM has announced that there is a renewed commitment to integrating Planning Analytics (TM1) and Cognos Analytics (BI) on the cloud platform.

It will start with integration support in November with the Melbourne data center support for CA on Nov 31st and support for hierarchies in Q1. The other things like support for subsets and views will come later in the half.

Aggressive targets for feature integration include:

  • Support for Planning Analytics Hierarchies via REST API in Cognos Analytics (dependent upon Planning Analytics v2 release) – so this might mean we finally get multiple hierarchies from TM1 available in Cognos BI!
  • Support for OLAP/TM1 in Dashboards & Modules of Cognos Analytics
  • Support for Planning Analytics Subsets in Cognos Analytics – that is a biggie. We will be able to have subsets defined in TM1 that are available in Cognos BI.
  • Cognos Analytic support for text in crosstabs
  • Support for TM1 views (I assume this means we can utilise TM1 views in Cognos BI)
  • Design Effort beginning to share Cognos Analytics Dashboard & Planning Analytics Workspace board content

Finally, the Melbourne data centre will also support Cognos Analytics from the end of November 2016.

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