CFO Summit 2014

It’s a Wrap!

The 16-18th March saw the Infocube team attend the CFO Summit on the Gold Coast. This three-day event was an opportunity for us to connect with a range of CFOs from some of Australia’s leading companies.

Key Highlights

Apart from a fantastic networking opportunity and some fabulous food, a key highlight was the very informative panel of Chief Economists sharing exclusive tips on the future of Australia and international trade.

A key message was the strategic importance of finance in driving organisations forward and the changing role of CFOs to becoming much more dynamic, proactive, and outwardly focused. This changing role creates the need for better analytics to support strategic decision-making.

Hearing from Wayne Swan (former Deputy Prime Minister & Treasurer) was another highlight. He discussed some of the behind-the-scene meetings that took place in 2008 during the GFC with world financial leaders and some of the unpublicised actions that were taken to support Australian companies during the worst of the crisis.

Additionally, John Vaughan presented a master class on the ‘Death of Budgeting’. This is a topic John has previously presented to audiences, such as CPA Australia and it received very positive feedback and reviews from the attending audience.

Are you interested?

We have condensed the key messages of John’s presentation into a short article and if you would like a copy please contact us.

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