AttrPutS TM1 Function: Use and Syntax

AttrPutS is a TM1 Turbo Integrator function that inserts a string onto a specific attribute for the current element in a specified dimension. Note this does not insert a value as a number.  To insert a numeric value into an attribute please see AttrPutN.

Syntax of AttrPutS

The syntax is AttrPutS(Value, DimName, ElName, AttrName, [LangLocaleCode] );

  • value, is the string that you want to insert
  • dimname, is the dimension that you want to update
  • elname, is the element in the dimension that you want to update
  • attrname, is the attribute of the dimension that you want to update


AttrPutS is used for assigning a specified attribute to an element in a dimension.  For example if we define a couple of variables:

vDim = 'Map Factory';

vAtt = 'Factory Time';

vFactoryTime = 'ABC'

AttrPutS ( 'Frank', vDim, vFactoryTime, vAtt);

Will place ‘Frank’ against the attribute ‘Factory Time’ on the element ‘ABC’ in the dimension ‘Map Factory’.

Note that this function will not work when it is combined with a DimensionElementInsert where both are on the Metadata tab. Please see this explanation for more information.

See AttrPutN for inserting the value of a numeric attribute in the same way that AttrPutS does for a string attribute.

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